Marty Dread Weddings


On the recommendation of a friend in Santa Cruz, I hired Marty Dread to perform at my son's wedding in Maui. Not only was the show a big hit, we are still, 7 months later, getting comments from friends who attended the wedding that Marty Dread was a fantastic performer. I'd recommend him to anyone who wants an energetic, professional performance.


Bruce Labadie

Artistic and Festival Director, San Jose Jazz


I have had the pleasure of working many weddings and events around the world with Marty over the past couple of years. He has the most gentle and kind manner, infectious smile, and charming personality. And then you find out his many accomplishments!

What makes it so easy to recommend him over and over to my clients is his incredibly beautiful, soulful, versatile voice, his professionalism, the ease to work with him (he has sometimes been mistaken for my assistant he is so helpful on the wedding day!) and the fact that he has bands worldwide.

So, no matter where my wedding or event is, he can be there as a solo acoustic artist, performing the Ceremony and Cocktail Hours, and then join an incredible band for the reception.  And, when he performs with a band, the dance floor does not stop! He is a true entertainer and artist and, I am honored to say, a dear friend!  Any couple would be thrilled to have him be a part of their special day!

Jill La Fleur

La Fleur Weddings


Every time we have used Marty to entertain our wedding guests, he has been an absolute hit!  They can't help themselves and soon, everyone is moving to the music.

Marty's charisma, energy, and talent come through every time. It's always an exciting day for us when Marty is on the wedding timeline.  We highly recommend booking him for weddings and just about any event.  Your guests will be glad you did!

Lori and Jamie Lawrence

Tropical Maui Weddings


Marty Dread is a very talented musician, songwriter, vocalist and stylish performer. His performances bring a breath of fresh air to a wedding, reception or any small or large special event.


At a recent wedding cocktail hour, Marty was singing and an older gentleman came up and whispered in my ear, "I don't know where you found this guy, but don't let him get out of your sight because I think he is really going to be a star!"

Marty knows how to bring life to a wedding party. He makes each event unique, fun, and especially meaningful with his soulful sound and big personality.

Vickie Jackson,

Owner of Dolphin Dream Weddings of Maui